Briquettes Plant Manufacturer

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The most important way to convert biomass is Briquetting Press Technology. An important type of biomass, used by energy and heat manufacturers are biomass briquettes from agricultural sources (agro biomass). Also noticeable is the increase in demand for this type of products among consumers, who use them as fuel. Thanks to this situation, the number of Briquette Plant Project Manufacturer is still growing.

The main aim of this work is to estimate the cost of production of fuel briquettes made from different types of solid biomass. The study was conducted on the basis of the data and the production process. The study analyses the cost of production of fuel briquettes manufactured from grain and rapeseed straw, which is the remnant of agricultural production, and which use for energetic purposes steadily increases, and also on the basis of sawdust. In addition, the work attempts to assess the impact of too high biomass moisture on the production costs of biomass briquettes. Moisture of briquetted material is an important factor influencing the technologic and logistic processes