Briquette Plant Converts Biomass Into Biofuel

Briquette plant manufacturing is the most profitable business to make briquettes. The process of converting low density residues and wastage into eco-friendly and energy conventional bio fuel briquettes is called biomass briquetting. This is a world wide business as all the developing  countries of the world prefers the nature friendly business. Biomass briquette manufacturing needs less implementation and maintenance cost, hence it is a cost-effective business.

Biomass briquette manufacturing is low polluting procedure and produce more stable solid fuel. Rather than using traditional fuels that cause the environmental pollution by releasing the sulfur and other carbonic chemicals and also by leaving the smoke in the surroundings. Whereas, briquettes are fully-burnt, renewable, biodegradable and full energy conventional bio fuel, so it does not do any harm to our environment.

bio fuel briquettes for energy saving

Not only reduction in pollution is the policy but also earning money is the main aimed of the biomass briquetting plant manufacturer. The farmers can earn money by selling their agricultural wastes like bark groundnut shells, castor seed shells, cotton flower, cotton stalk, cumin waste, rice husk, rice straw etc. This plant is more suitable for those clients and industries who belonged to agricultural and forestry countries. So we can say that this plant makes wealth from waste.

At present, many countries are interested to set up their own briquetting plants. To set up your own briquette plant, you need to buy Jumbo 90 briquette machine or Super 70 briquette machine, crusher or cutter, hammer mill and dryer. These machines are very bulky but they produce very large amounts of briquettes in very short time period. The process of producing briquettes is very fast and require less energy or electrical power, so it is cheaper as compared to any other business. Also the maintenance cost and efforts of these machines and wear parts of these machines are less and easily understandable by any person.

Once you understand the working process of the briquette plant, it will be easy to work with the machinery of briquetting press. Briquettes are used in many industrial machinery like boilers and brick kiln machines. Briquettes also used for making food or we can say cooking purpose in some area. Because of briquettes fixed size and less volume, it will be easy transport and low maintenance required in this business. So briquettes are becoming very popular solid bio fuel all over the world.



Briquette Plant Create A Pollution Free Surrounding

No one can deny from the fact that pollution is increasing day by day and it creates a bad impact on our nation’s growth and also affect to human beings also. The Radhe Industrial Corporation is one of the best manufacturer Briquetting machine, Briquetting plant and biomass Briquetting machine  since 1991. Industrial waste, agriculture waste and forestry waste are either burnt or destroyed inefficiently way. But through briquette plant we can convert this waste into biomass briquettes.

Briquettes are also known as white coal as it does not spread smoke when it burns. Briquettes are completely substitute with black coal , lignite and other fossil fuels. In this modern age some people aware about the question of pollution but still some are not. So we should try to implement it in our daily life. And in current era demand for fuel is increasing day by day and  price of the fuel and petrol rise everyday so Briquetting machine through we can briquettes which is solid fuel and use to heat industrial boilers.

Now a days shortage of fuel prevails and no one can take corrective steps that how to overcome with this problem. So the briquette press machine indicates a golden future for alternative fuel. Briquettes have many advantages like:

Economical than other fuels:

As we know it very well that petrol, black coal and diesel are very expensive but briquettes are economical than another source of energy. And burning efficiency of briquettes is more than black coal.

Inducement Offered By Gov.

The solid fuel briquettes are completely exempted from excise duty.

The whole concept of Briquetting plant is based renewable en energy concept so no need to obtain any pollution free license.

The central and state Gov. provides the subsidy.

As compared to other  project the rate of interest is low offer by Financial Institute.

So we can conclude  that this project is helping us to create Eco friendly surroundings.

Briquetting Plant

  • High profitability on investment
  • Short gestation and quick pay back
  • 100% Depreciation on plant and machineries during first year.
  • NO pollution as it does not emit phosphorous and Sulphur fumes and contains law ash content

A New Concept for better Investment…


Briquetting plant is technology to convert all types of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste into solid fuel. Briquettes are formed in cylindrical logs using high mechanical pressure without the use of chemical or binder. The product is a replacement to conventional fossil fuels and can be used across various manufacturing facilities such as boilers, furnaces and kilns. Bio-Briquette is an eco-friendly solid biofuel which helps to reduces pollution, contributing to greener environment and save worthy foreign exchange. Briquetting works on the basic concept of Wealth from Waste. Agricultural waste is converted to solid biofuel by farmers by installing of the Briquetting plant. The briquettes are used for energy generation helping farmers to earn money from the waste. Our model “JUMBO-90″ works on the world renowned binderless technology.

Economic Feasibility & Profitability

This project of briquetting plant have major advantages as follow:

  • Farmers earn money by selling agro waste of every crop & are thus renewable.
  • High profitability.
  • Excellent growth potential
  • Wide variety, easy availability, supply of agro waste of every crop & are thus renewable.
  • Product can be easily Marketed.
  • Early Pay Back Period.
  • Employment Potentiality is very high.
  • Maintenance of ecological balance & Conversion of natural resources.
  • Saving of foregin currency.

Company Overview

RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION was promoted under strong, dynamic and very well experienced leadership of Mr. Prakash A. Patel the principal of the firm has been actively engaged in this field for over one and half decade and have final installation, RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s focus is on the customer. The only true measure of our own “Success is the degree to which we are able to contribute to the excellence of our customers needs through manufacturing easy to operate world class technological product through economical and cost effective practices.

Pride Service of Successfully 21 Years in Briquetting Press Manufacturing field

“The only true measure of our own “Success” is the degree to which we are able to contribute to the excellence of our customers needs through manufacturing easy to operate world class technological product through economical and cost effective practices.”

We are pleased to introduce you to Rahdhe Industrial Corporation and its products. Since its inception in 1994, Radhe Industrial Corporation has been a pioneer in manufacturing of briquetting plants. First-generation entrepreneur Mr. Prakash A. Patel laid the foundation stone for Radhe Industrial Corporation under his visionary and dynamic leadership in 1994. From the time when RICO’s foundation stone was laid till now, it has achieved number of milestones under his adept leadership, including successful installation and operation of over 250 briquetting plants. For the company, customer satisfaction and quality is delivered through rigorous R & D, strict production quality and easy installation with excellent aftersales service.

Company encompasses a large team of experienced engineers and supervisors who monitors every stage of production and quality control. The company has installed two Briquetting Plants for the purpose of R&D to drive continuous upgradation and improvement of their product. This installation has enriched the company with excellent experience in understanding the operation of the plant and has helped overcome bottlenecks to improve overall efficiency of the Briquetting plant. Both these Briquetting Plants are operating successfully since Last 21 Years. The company’s supplied briquetting machineries are running successfully in various state in India and Abroad.