Briquetting Plants India

Briquetting Plants India for making Cash from waste by echo friendly way . analysis of the significance and development of renewable energy sources, examines the technologic and logistic processes of the companies producing fuel briquettes from agro biomass. This analysis, was extended by the calculation of the cost of the production process.

The problem of too high moisture content of the raw material can significantly increase production costs. The situation of processing the raw material (in this case, the straw) with exceeded allowable moisture was analyzed. Straw moisture most often occurs as a result of inadequate protection against atmospheric conditions during storage. Particularly affected by this problem is the raw material stored in the form of stacks. The problem of too high raw-material moisture can be solved using the dryers in the production process. However, this solution requires investment, and increases expenditures on production.

Fuel Briquettes Plant

In the production of Fuel Briquettes Plant, the technological processes are associated with the following logistics processes: external transport of biomass, internal transport of biomass, storage of biomass, packaging and storage of fuel briquettes. Briquettes have a diameter of several centimeters and generally circular cross-section.

Briquette as fuel can be used in boiler plants, heating plants, power stations and thermal power stations (both local and industrial), as well as in households by the individual customers. Fuel briquettes are possible to use in most types of fireplaces as well as in conventional boilers burning coal and wood without requiring any modifications. The increase in demand for this fuel is affected, among others rising prices of conventional fuels and increase public awareness of environmental aspects of alternative sources of energy.